Thursday, April 29, 2010

post-it love

So, earlier this week my dorm had open dorm night. It is a dorm night where the boys can go into our dorm rooms. Well, unfortunately, I was in class the whole time, but, sammie still went to my dorm room. I was in class bored texting him when I had the splendid idea to ask him to draw something for my room. He texted me back asking, "write on your walls?". Anywho, I get out of class and race to my room hoping to still see him there. I get to the door and open it. What do I see? Loads of pink post-it notes ALL over my room with little notes. Adorable huh? :) Here's what some of them said:
sleeptight: right above my pillow on the ceiling.
hope you have a goodnights rest. I love being with you and having you as my bestfriend.
I hate him: hahah on my stuffed animal he bought me. It was a joke.
lets run away......
.....and go on adventures
take the trash out.
be mine?
I want you
"you don't talk much.....I like you": from Up
don't fall down: on my bunkbed ladder
muah love!!!: in my closet. lol.
Gay?? haha jk: pointing to me and my gay friend Frankie. ahahaha
Do your laundry!!!!: & I just did my laundry. ahah
Hmnn, no comment, lol: over my exboyfriend in a picture of my family dropping me off to college.
throw it away, or eat me: on an old banana
clean rose's tank!! its yucky.: on my fishies tank which he got me
love your smiles!!!
your cute :)
ewww: pointing to a painting of my cat alice. he pretends not to like cats. haha
I like your beautiful green eyes
my flower?: pointing to a rose I had drying. he picks me flowers and I save them
your super amazing
Raw-quel I rated your everything
Be bad ;) with me....Sammie: next to a post-it my roomie left me saying "Be Good!" haha
Don't let anyone bring you down
are you laughing at yourself yet? :) :on my mirror. haha
Don't let it die: on his herb plant he gave me
Don't sing, youll break the mirror: on my shower radio
2 down 2 to go!!!!
I like you
Also, he put a mustache on my gaitor.
Lastly......He put one on my door pointing to my picture and it said: I like her - Sammie

Isn't he incredibly amazing? :)


  1. aaawwwweee!!!! hahah. i could totally see him going all over with a post-it book & writing little notes everywhere! what a cutie.

    : )

    it's like in the movies!

  2. yeah! Oh, and i had another movie moment with him. We were in the library and he said one of his usual "mean" sammie things while we were walking between the shelves. So, I turned around and started walking quickly, but he grabbed me around my waist, spun me around, and kissed me. :) Then he got all excited and declared it a movie moment. lol.

  3. Omigoodness, he is such a cutie! You and your amazing men :P