Thursday, April 29, 2010

post-it love

So, earlier this week my dorm had open dorm night. It is a dorm night where the boys can go into our dorm rooms. Well, unfortunately, I was in class the whole time, but, sammie still went to my dorm room. I was in class bored texting him when I had the splendid idea to ask him to draw something for my room. He texted me back asking, "write on your walls?". Anywho, I get out of class and race to my room hoping to still see him there. I get to the door and open it. What do I see? Loads of pink post-it notes ALL over my room with little notes. Adorable huh? :) Here's what some of them said:
sleeptight: right above my pillow on the ceiling.
hope you have a goodnights rest. I love being with you and having you as my bestfriend.
I hate him: hahah on my stuffed animal he bought me. It was a joke.
lets run away......
.....and go on adventures
take the trash out.
be mine?
I want you
"you don't talk much.....I like you": from Up
don't fall down: on my bunkbed ladder
muah love!!!: in my closet. lol.
Gay?? haha jk: pointing to me and my gay friend Frankie. ahahaha
Do your laundry!!!!: & I just did my laundry. ahah
Hmnn, no comment, lol: over my exboyfriend in a picture of my family dropping me off to college.
throw it away, or eat me: on an old banana
clean rose's tank!! its yucky.: on my fishies tank which he got me
love your smiles!!!
your cute :)
ewww: pointing to a painting of my cat alice. he pretends not to like cats. haha
I like your beautiful green eyes
my flower?: pointing to a rose I had drying. he picks me flowers and I save them
your super amazing
Raw-quel I rated your everything
Be bad ;) with me....Sammie: next to a post-it my roomie left me saying "Be Good!" haha
Don't let anyone bring you down
are you laughing at yourself yet? :) :on my mirror. haha
Don't let it die: on his herb plant he gave me
Don't sing, youll break the mirror: on my shower radio
2 down 2 to go!!!!
I like you
Also, he put a mustache on my gaitor.
Lastly......He put one on my door pointing to my picture and it said: I like her - Sammie

Isn't he incredibly amazing? :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

twenty questions

I got tagged by my sister to answer these following twenty questions:

1.What can't you leave the house without?
my cell phone, softlips, and room key
2. Favourite makeup brand.
don't really have a favorite makeup brand, just a fasination with mascara
3. Favourite flower?
4. Favourite clothing store?
forever 21, urban outfitters, anthropologie, & thriftin
5. Favourite perfume?
Instiraption by Lacoste
6. Heels or flats?
hmn......not sure. depends
7.Do you make good grades?
semi-good, used to make better
8. Favourite colours?
purple and green
9. Do you drink energy drinks?
yuckers. no
10. Do you drink juice?
regularly. cranberry :)
11. Do you like swimming?
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
uh, no.
13. Favourite moisturiser?
st. ives
14. Do you want to get married?
havent decided yet. Possibly if i find the right person. we will see.....
15. Do you get mad easy?
unfortunately......I need to work on my temper
16. Are you into ghost hunting?
haha. oooh yeah. :P no
17. Any phobias?
phobias? no. But I do have random ocd things
18. Do you bite your nails?
another thing i need to work on......I only do it when im nervous and sometimes when im trying to think
19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
probably, but none that come to mind
20. Do you drink coffee?
oooohhh decliciousness. occasionally. but not really.

hope you enjoyed my twenty questions. :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, today was my second day back to school after springbreak. KAUAI! haha. Im soooo very tired at the moment because I just got out of a three hour class. Grrrr. I mean, it was interesting, dont get me wrong, but come on! Three hours! haha. Thats what i get in order to have four day weekends. Yes, you heard (read) me right. FOUR GLORIOUS DAYS OF..............FREEEEEDOM! Anywho, random things of late:
  • Cameron Arana the Pink Pirana will be visiting me. :)
  • My papita's birthday will be on the second of will cameron's
  • Melissa may be visiting riverside
  • Sammie dearest will be taking me to six flags down here. :)
  • Sammie is a cutie and got me tacobell while I was in a four hour class yester day and left it outside my classroom and texted me to go get it. He was nowhere to be found.. (i was SUPER starving during class and texting him)
  • I think that Mila Jovovich is incredibly hot.
  • I also really want to start excersising/getting fit/dancing again.
  • For the past two days ive only eaten vegetables. Thats how lame our cafe is.
  • I only ate cucumber for two meals today.
  • Ive learned that my school brain shuts off at around 8 every night. Idk how im going to handle night classes. :D

Well, thats all for now. Later chickadees

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long time no see....

Well, hasn't it been a while? Life has been rather busy for me since I moved out of my parents and now attend college eight hours away. The following is the major changes/things ive learned:
  • I truly and deeply now know the meaning of a starving college student
  • One of my daily decisions are yucky cafeteria food vs. sleep (sleep usually wins)
  • Relationships and love are tricky things
  • Alone time is a valuable treasure
  • Procrastiantion is my middle name
  • Adventures keep me going
  • I can sleep anywhere at basically anytime
  • Cars are not comfy places to sleep, but the people in them make up for it
  • Quarentine is probably the most terrifying movie i have ever watched
  • Free time is cherished but has another name, sleep
  • Responsibility is a must whether or not I want to admit it
  • Im a slightly very unemotional person
  • Depression is something that isn't always noticable untill friends point it out
  • Telling myself "Today is a good day" usually gives me a good day
  • I will forever love my little rosie the rivetor and mourn red
  • I believe in miracles.....
  • & much more. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soreness, Stress, & Sister

Woah, I havent blogged in forever! Well, little update.....Idk. Life has been good. Ive just been incredibly stressed lately. Its nearing the end of the quarter! Hooray! I can't wait to get home to my family, friends, and especially home to Tristan. I miss him SOOO much. Insanely much. I didn't think it was possible. lol. I am continuously amazed by how are relationship is growing. :) I love it. Anyways, yesterday was my AMAZING sister's birthday!! I had tristan get her flowers from me and suprise her. :) I hope she enjoyed it! Also yesterday, I went on an all day, well almost all day, sabbath hike. We hiked up a mountain. Ugh! So long. lol. It was nice to get out and appreciate nature though. Plus, the air was semi-clean. It was exhausting though. Several times I thought I was going to die! haha. I am so out of shape. Anyways, I am extremely sore now. Soooo sore. No fun. Well, that's all for now. On friday I will be flying back home for thanksgiving week! Love you guys! Miss you babe.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


wow, so i havent blogged in a bit! here's a quick update:
  • I am now in my fifth week and midpoint of the quarter. (I want it to be over)
  • My sister, boyfriend, and friend came to visit me.
  • My boyfriend completely suprised me.
  • I went roller skating, saw Whip It, and now want to roller derby-it up.
  • I gave my boyfriend something that means the world to me. (my bracelet I havent taken off for a year and a half)
  • Midterms coming up.
  • The weather is getting colder.
  • I enjoy tuesday tunes but Garrett's head is in the clouds due to a certain volleyball player.

Okay, so now for my frustration! haha. People here are starting to make me mad. Ugh. I guess people have been talking about me behind my back. Who knew?! I thought they were my friends! Anyways, I guess they think im a big flirt? Idk. I dont think I am at all. Its just that once im comfortable around you, Im comfortable. I dont treat them any differently then my guy friends back home, and everything I do I'd do infront of tristan. They just think way too much of the little things. For an example, I am freezing cold, I ask if anyone will let me use their jacket. Logical right? But noooooo, it means Im flirting and i like them. Stupid. Im just kinda super fed up right now with the whole situation. It feels like its middle school again. And it hurts to know that people are talking about me behind my back. Grow the balls to say it to my face! Oh, and my supposed "friends" keep telling my roomate stuff to tell me. Seriously? Just have enough respect to say it to my face. Idk. Im really frustrated at the moment. I never ever meant for people to get the wrong ideas from my actions. My roomie thinks they just dont understand me or my humor and they're thinking more of it then they should. So I guess now every time I talk to a guy, which is all the time because the girls dont talk to me, people are saying "oooh. Look. she's flirting with a new guy". Ugh. Just because it's soooooo freakin dificult to make girl friends here doesnt mean peopel should judge me when i mostly have just guy friends. They're more friendlier and less complicated. Usually. AND, to top everything off, I found out why one of my favorite guy friends has been basically completely avoiding me. He's into me. agghhhh. Don't avoid me because of that. So, sorry to blurt out all of my frustration here but I cant really say it anywheres else. :/

p.s. angelina don't show mom this please. :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HMA tuesday adventures

Last night, according to Israel, it was tuesday adventures (he claims that every tuesday we are going to go on an adventure together). Anyways, it started off that he wanted to talk to me about something. So, we went on a walk and sat down outside. Then, we decided to go off on an adventure. Well, we ended up going to HMA, the music building, into their big auditorium. It was super dark so we just layed out on the stage and talked. But then, they started locking up the building so we had to run out. haha. It wasn't that adventurous, but it was still fun. :)